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General Interest
Achmed the Dead Terrorist

****Click if your computer screen is dirty****

The lukiest man in the world

From 1 to 100 years old

****Battle at Krueger ****

Best beer yet

Evolution in 5 minutes

Americas got talent

Sawing a man in half

Nobody - Nobody remains a virgin…….

Beer Commercial

Dog V.S. Balloons

Girl gets slam dunked

. The Domino Effect

Never Forget

Ain't it the truth

Please sign here

**Robin Williams on Golf…
(a little vulger)…**

Young Organ player rocks on……

All Corvettes

Corvette and the Race track

Corvette at the drags

New ZR-1

C-3 Vettes at Ocean City 2007

Vettes at Ocean City 2006

C-4 ..ZR-1 burnout

***ZO-6 featured on National Geographic***

General Car Stuff
Viper Teaser - GOOD

The $50 paint job -- feasable???

New Air Car (runs on air)

Top 10 Ugly Cars

Cadillac versus camper

Greatest car chase scenes

**Vette v.s. Mustang v.s. Viper by "Motorweek"***

High speed Boat/Car

Front wheel drive tricks

Camaro pics from car show

***Mustang commercial***.


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